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Founded in 2004, AQMORE is a peelable non-toxic nail polish brand. Friendly for pregnant women and kids, making the nail painting process a lot more creative. We believe that beauty involves in every detail of our daily life, let’s celebrate and enjoy every bit of the beauty creation with our products.

AQMORE has over 14 years of experience producing and innovating non-toxic peelable water-based nail polishes. The company has been proudly manufacturing/supplying non-toxic water based peelable nail polishes since opening its first flagship store at Warner Village in Taipei, Taiwan in May 2004. In 2018, we have successfully created a brand new formula to make our nail polishes more durable. Our goal is to introduce quality products while continuing to expand our market globally.

AQMORE nail polishes can last up to 7 days with no pungent smell, making it suitable and pleasurable for pregnant women and toddlers to enjoy. We insist on our products to be locally made, non-toxic, and striving to be the best in Taiwan.

The founder of AQmore has been continuously participating in many environmental events through Green Peace and World Vision since 2005. Along with AQmore products, we aspire to love our earth and kids together to conserve the best for the next generations.

AQMORE has since collaborated with APPLE in the promotion of APPLE IPOD in 2005 and supplied HK Disney in 2006 with their nail polishes.

AQMORE nail polishes also placed 1st in sales on EBay Singapore in June 2006 and Yahoo Taiwan in Aug 2011.

More recently, AQMORE won several distinctive accolades and awards with a Silver Medal at the 2017 Seoul International Invention Fair,

a Special Award at 2018 European Women Inventor's Association, and a Bronze Medal at 2018 International Invention Fair of the Middle East.

The success of AQMORE can be attributed to a team of dedicated professionals who obsesses over an ideal that everyone deserves a healthy and pampered lifestyle; this journey begins with AQMORE's long lasting non-toxic water-based nail polishes.