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Please do not apply lotion beforehand. AQmore is water-based nail polish, mixes with oil-based products will reduce the pigmentation of the products. Apply lotion after drying.


After applying, do not wash your hands for 30 minutes. Try to also avoid showering for 6 hours after applying in order to keep the colors stay.

In order to make your nails looking smooth and glossy, make sure the first layer is dried before applying another.

As for your last step, do not forget to apply our top coat!


AQmore long-lasting top coat, making your nails extra glossy and shiny. 

For removing, it can be quick and easy as well. Soak your nails in water for 30 seconds and peel off entirely from the corner of your nails.


Now that you have learned the steps to apply AQmore nail polishes, it is time to have fun on your own!